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1. Weightr

Have you ever felt like there should be an easier way to achieve your fitness goals? Weightr is designed to help you succeed by creating a simplistic and seamless weight tracking experience that puts you and your busy schedule first. You can easily set a weight goal, submit daily weight, and view all of your weight entries.
This project was designed using Java, XML, and Gradle in Android Studio.

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2. Animal Shelter Dashboard

This project uses MongoDB, a NoSQL database, and Python that utilizes CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations. The primary function of this web app is for the international rescue-animal training company, Grazioso Salvare. It allows the user to filter the data based on the dogs that are most preferred for the type of rescue situation and populate that data in a table, map and pie chart.

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3. TapzTracking

TapzTracking is a multi-purpose tracking web application tool, where users can track time entry, sales, and wages through custom-designed dashboards.

Designed using Python, Flask framework, HTML, and deployed on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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4. Financial Investment App

This app allows you to calculate how much money you can expect with an interest variable for years 1 through 5 into the future. This can be made into an app to make investing easier. 
Designed using C++

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5. Course Enrollment Data

Capstone project to grab my College’s enrollment data to generate an event analysis producing graphs and CSV datasets.

Designed using Python with Numpy and Pandas.

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