Chris Tapia

Hi there and welcome to my e-portfolio!

My name is Chris Tapia and I am a software developer currently residing in NH. I have an A.S. in Computer Science and currently pursuing a B.S. in the same field with a focus in Software Engineering. I have a passion for growing, learning and using technology to create solutions to better the lives of others. I am heavily results-driven, goal oriented and a relentless problem-solver. This enables me to excel in meeting deadlines, solving complex problems, and communicating professionally and succinctly.

If you’re looking for someone who is passionate for technology, look no further. I am frequently exploring new concepts and ideas that can be incorporated into my development toolkit. In fact, I have put what I have learned into practice by creating easy-to-use programs and dynamic web applications. This reflects on my enjoyment in seeking challenges. Simultaneously, I am continuously using skills that I've obtained from my degree and from my own research to create dynamic solutions for myself and those around me.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon.

Chris Tapia

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